TTC Course

Do you provide Yoga Alliance Certification?

Yes, IYMS provides its students, certification affiliated with Yoga Alliance. Yoga Alliance certification gives you credibility to teach around the world.

Are the courses Residential or Non-residential?

The courses provided by us are completely residential. Price of accommodation and meals is included in the course fee.

What is included in the course fee?

The course fee includes pick & drop from New Delhi or Dehradun airport, accommodation, excursion trips and food along with yoga course for the mentioned days.

What experience do I need to join Teacher Training Course (TTC) in IYMS?

There is no demand for a level of experience to join the 100 hours and 200 hours yoga TTC programs. You only need the right attitude and will-power to join us.

For 300 hours yoga TTC, you should be a regularly practicing yogi with at least 6 months of experience.

Which course is suitable for me? Any suggestions.

You can always browse the IYMS website and choose the course that suits you best according to your lifestyle and comfort. You can also chat with IYMS support team through IYMS website chatbox.

Can I choose flexible dates for my yoga course?

The dates for the yoga classes are shown on the website. You can choose any one according to your convenience. The start date and end date of the course cannot be changed as it is group learning.

Do I need to bring yoga kit and study material?

You don’t need to purchase or carry any yoga kit or study materials. At IYMS we provide students with all the required yoga accessories, study materials and stationary so that you can have a comfortable journey.

What is age criteria to join the Yoga TTC?

To attend our yoga teacher training courses you must be at least 16 years of age and not older than 60 years of age.

How can you help me to become a professional yoga teacher?

We provide Yoga Alliance certification to the students after completion of the course. The certification gives you power to start your own yoga school in any part of the world. Our training is designed to ensure that you are trained to become a yoga teacher with great career opportunities.

What if I get sick and cannot complete my hours?

We arrange extra classes or ask the students to stay for a little longer in case he/she gets sick for a longer duration. There is no additional charge for the same, the student just needs to pay for stay and meals of additional days.

What if I have an emergency and leave the course in between?

You can always come back and join any other batch to complete the course. You will have to pay an additional fee depending upon the period of stay and difference in course fees of the month.


Do I get time to go out and visit other places in Rishikesh during the retreat?

The retreats are planned to give you a great leisure time, there is a five hour gap in the afternoon for you to take a break and visit places.

Are the retreats for beginners?

Yoga retreats are designed for beginners, instead of focussing on advanced asanas, the emphasis is on imparting a yoga routine that you can follow for life.

Will I be able to self practise after the retreat?

Yes, the retreat helps you make a perfect yoga routine for yourself that you can follow for life. The presence of a guru helps you make the perfect mix of asanas for yourself in a guided environment.

How many classes are there in the retreat?

The retreat has three classes in morning and two in the evening.

How many students are there in a retreat group?

There are usually 5 to 10 students in a retreat group. A smaller group ensures better focus on each student, better practise and better interaction between the gurus and the students.

Can I take body massages during the retreat?

These facilities are provided by third party service provided, IYMS students get these services at a discounted price upon request.

Food and Accommodation

Will I share my room with someone?

No, we provide individual accommodation to every student. The rooms have a double or twin bed but we allot it to a single student.

What is double sharing accommodation policy?

In case two students want to live together in a single room, we allow students of same gender or a couple to stay together. There is a discount in fees for double sharing accommodation, however, one person needs to book two seats at the time of booking to get this discount. Two separate bookings cannot be clubbed to avail this discount.

What are all the facilities available in the rooms?

Room will have following facilities:

  • Well furnished rooms with attached western bathroom.
  • Furniture – Study table, chair, double bed, and storage closet.
  • 24×7 Hot & Cold Water
  • Well-ventilated Rooms.

What are the food provisions?

IYMS provides its students with scrumptious and healthy Indian meals prepared under supervision in a hygienic kitchen. We provide only vegetarian meals with provision for allergic, diabetic and vegan students.

Can I extend my stay or arrive early?

Yes, you can extend your stay at the Ashram. The rooms will however, be charged at INR 600 per day, which includes amenities like your meals and laundry.

What are the provisions for clean drinking water at the Ashram?

IYMS Ashram has an RO unit to ensure that students always receive an unlimited supply of clean and healthy water.

Do you have Internet WiFi connectivity?

Yes, we have Wifi hotspot in the ashram. Students can enjoy the facility of free WiFi connectivity in the ashram.

Is there any laundry facility available at the Ashram?

We provide free of cost laundry service to our students. It should be noted that laundry service does not accept innerwear and other delicates.

Is there any laundry facility available at the Ashram?

We provide free of cost laundry service to our students. It should be noted that laundry service does not accept innerwear and other delicates.


Which visa should I apply?

You should apply for Tourist Visa as you are visiting for a short stay. The general validity for such visas is 6 months and E-visa has 1-2 months validity, however it is best to confirm the same at the Indian Embassy in case there is any difference.

Which airport is nearest to your city?

Dehradun Airport is the closest to our Ashram.

Do you have any arrangements for Airport pickups? Do I get a free airport pickup?

We offer free pick and drop facilities from two nearby airports, IGI, New Delhi airport and Dehradun Airport.

Arrival At New Delhi IGI Airport:

  • Pickup spot at IGI, New Delhi Airport is Pillar Number 17 near KFC Restaurant at International Arrivals, Terminal 3.
  • There is a payphone between Gate 4 and 5 of the airport. In case, you have any issues upon arrival, give us a call and we will meet you at the payphone. You can always WhatsApp us on +91-9466665678 if you have internet.
  • It takes 8 hours to reach ashram from Airport. We will book an AC bus seat ticket or arrange a cab (if more than three students arrive together) from Delhi to Rishikesh. Our team will meet you at airport, take you to the bus station in Delhi and pick you again upon arrival in Rishikesh.

Arrival At Dehradun DED Airport: Dehradun Airport is just 30 minutes from the ashram. If you are a backpacker, we can pick you at any time of day on our scooter or arrange a cab for more than one student. Students love the drive from Dehradun Airport to the ashram as the road passes a wildlife sanctuary

What expenses are covered in free pick and drop facility?

Following expenses are covered in free pick and drop facility:

  • Pickup from New Delhi/Dehradun airport
  • Bus fare for air conditioned bus
  • A light snack
  • One water bottle.

The same is arranged at the time for the departure after completion of the course.

If the student prefers to take a flight between New Delhi to Dehradun, we arrange the pickup and drop from Dehradun. Make note that student have to bear the airfare for New Delhi to Dehradun flight.

When should I arrive for the course?

Our courses start on 15th day of every month. We provide accommodation to students from 14th and encourage them to arrive on 13th evening at IGI, New Delhi airport or 14th morning at DED, Dehradun Airport.

Fees & Payment

How much will I need to deposit as advance booking fee?

To book your seat you have to pay 25% of the total course fees as an advance. You can pay remaining 75% of the fees at the ashram on arrival. Fees structure has been updated on the fees section of the website.

Is there a benefit of booking the course through IYMS website?

Yes, we offer various discount when you do bookings from the website. Get in touch with our team to know about the discounts for a particular TTC or retreat program.

I made a booking on IYMS website and failed to make the payment. What should I do?

In case you fail to make a payment, please contact our support team. In case, the chat support is offline, you can leave an email on We will get back to you in 24 hours.

What is your refund policy?

At IYMS Rishikesh, we offer complete transferability of the booking with zero refunds for a period of 1 year from the date of booking.

You can send someone else on your booking, switch to another course or another month batch. All these options are available till the batches are finalized. All batches are finalized on 5th day of every month. Once you are finalized in a batch, you cannot cancel unless there is an emergency.

In Case of Emergency

The applicant needs to inform us within 24 hours of the emergency. Once informed the ashram may or may not allow a change of batch for the student. In emergency cases, the booking can only be shifted to another month and cannot be transferred to another person.

No Show

If the student does not inform us about their change of plans and does not arrive for the program, the booking fee will be used to cover the losses made in making the initial arrangements for the student and no refund or date change will be allowed in such cases.


Do you arrange sightseeing trips to the nearby places?

Every week, school will organize local sightseeing trips to make sure students get out of their intensive learning schedule and enjoy Rishikesh.

What happens if I miss a class?

You can make up for the missed classes or hours by arranging for extra classes with the yoga teachers or by extending your stay to complete the course. There are no additional charges for the classes. Students only have to pay for lodging, meals, and laundry.

What is the Weather condition in Rishikesh?

Weather conditions in Rishikesh vary according to the season.

  • The coldest months of the year are December and January, especially after sunset. Students are recommended to carry warm clothes if they decide to visit during this timeframe. The rooms are well packed and have warm blankets, so the only challenge in weather student will face is when they go out in open.
  • It’s spring time between the months of February to April. Hence, the weather is mostly pleasant. Yet, it is recommended to keep light warm clothes at hand as it can grow cold at night.
  • Summer in Rishikesh starts in the month of May and lasts till June. There is AC available in every room to make stay comfortable.
  • Summer is closely followed by monsoon showers in July and August. The students are advised to carry an umbrella when going out of the ashram as it rains randomly.
  • Temperatures starts to cool down by September, though there are still short bouts of rain in between which continues till mid-November.

What clothing and other things do I bring with me?

Bring clothing according to the change of season. It is advisable to carry warm cloths during the winter months starting mid of November to February. For summer days it is wise to carry light clothes as temperatures can soar up to 40 degrees.

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