Yoga Teacher Training in India

We all aspire to have a career, where we not only have a good source of livelihood but also lead a healthy life. Yoga Alliance certified teachers training courses have given this great career opportunity to thousands. Taking a yoga teacher training in India, where it all started is an added Gem.

Yoga training is a life-changing decision.  It will not merely give you a sound body and creative mind, but also put you in a Yogic way of life. A life where you align your body to a wonderful healing process that will keep you in tune with physical changes and prevent diseases.



Reasons to Become a Yoga instructor

  • Various asanas will train your body to know its limitations and facilitate you to gain practice in good body alignment.
  • Yoga gives you an agile body making it more toned, flexible and physically active. Giving you longevity and preventing lifetime injuries.
  • You will develop core muscle strength which in turn will keep you in a fit state.
  • Determining a new skill always helps in building up trust and bridging communication gaps, you learn to verbalize your emotions freely.
  • Yogic meditation will facilitate you to make a deeper connection with oneself and direct you to banish negativity from the life.
  • You will also enjoy running into young people. They will throw you an insight into unique experiences in life through their narrative which may lead to lifetime friendships.


FAQ’s About Yoga Teacher Training

Here are some FAQ’s that every yoga teacher training aspirant has:


     (a) How long should you practice yoga before teacher training?

Often we think “am I ready for yoga teacher training”, “Is it the right time for taking yoga training” and “when can I become ready to teach it”?

There is no golden time to start pursuing your dream. Once you learn to master the yoga skill, you can inspire others to lead a healthy lifestyle and can start being a successful instructor. One should have at least a couple of weeks of yoga routine before starting their training.



     (b) Can you become a yoga instructor at 50-60?

Yes you can! Quit fretting over “am I too old to become a yoga teacher”. Age is merely a number, having a fit body is all that matters.

Think about the benefits of practicing yoga, it reduces the effect of menopause and mid-life crisis. It gives inspiration and motivation to teach and meet younger generation who are looking for holistic guidance.

At IYMS Rishikesh, we had students as old as 44 years and they did the 200 Hour Ashtanga Yoga TTC quite comfortably.


     (c) Reasons to teach Yoga and what to bring into a class as an instructor

Educate the class with interesting facts and benefits of practicing yoga, the more comfortable you become as an instructor the more you will enjoy teaching it.

Share the benefits of each pose during the class and enrich the knowledge of the students. Encourage them to speak about the changes yoga has bought about in their lifestyle.

Share encouraging anecdotes about your journey to keep the students motivated. Mention to them how rhythmic breathing can curb negative thoughts and ease the nervous system. Make the class memorable so that the students continue to reap the benefits of yoga even after parting ways

     (d) Can you become a yoga instructor online?

Yes, of course you can. The world has shrunk to the size of our palms due to technology. One can stay connected through laptops, iPads, and mobile phones.

Instructing students’ online face-to-face through mediums like Skype and YouTube channels has become increasingly popular.

One can build an engaging audience base through social media platforms and enjoy spreading healthy postures offline as well through recorded videos and messages.

However, if you are looking to get trained, it is not recommended to take online classes, as you cannot push yourself, you need a guru to push your limits and adjust your postures. But online videos are definitely a good start before joining a guru.


Reasons to Do Yoga Teacher Training in India

   1.  Learning at the ancient sites

India is a diverse country, one can earn ancient wisdom from the yoga gurus of Rishikesh, which is considered as the Yoga capital of India, take breathtaking lessons among the peaks of the Himalayas in Dharamshala, learn Ashtanga lessons in the mystic city of Mysore, bath in the sun-kissed beaches of Goa and mentor yogic lessons,.

     2.  Affordable lessons

The overall cost of the course, boarding, lodging, and food is unbelievably less than learning at expensive studios across the world. Not to mention the rich cultural trip one can experience while travelling through the country.

We at IYMS Rishikesh offer one of the most affordable Yoga TTC Programs with great facilities like portfolio photo shoot, airport pick and drop, single room accommodation among many others.

     3.  Knowledgeable learning

Learning among yogis and like-minded individuals in the calm and peaceful atmosphere of yoga ashrams is a unique experience of a lifetime. In addition, one can gain access to the vast benefits of Ayurveda – natural remedies for maintaining a healthy mind and body. Ancient techniques of controlling the body posture and alignment can be mastered from experts of various fields. Also one gets to mingle with learners from all over the world and gain enriching wisdom that would further help in building a fit community.

     4.  Rich Indian culture

India is a land filled with rich cultural heritage and mystic lessons. Hinduism being one of the ancient religion in the world it is full of wisdom regarding the well-being of the human body. While taking yoga lessons in India one will be instructed around the abundant healing philosophies that are beneficial for human beings.

     5.  Safe Abode

Indians consider guests equal to God and hence foreigners who come to study yoga can relatively feel safe. The people here are hospitable and treat outsiders with love and respect. Many even host yoga learners from other countries in their homes for the entire period of courses.


Types of Yoga Teacher Training Courses (TTC)

Types of yoga teacher training courses

How long does it take to become a yoga instructor? Well, it depends on the type of course you want to pursue. You will find following 4 types of course for yoga teacher training in India:

     (a)  100 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course

The 100 hour yoga course is available for beginners who want to gain an insight into the practice and benefits of yoga. It is formally divided into two semesters, in the first semester the students learn about ‘Pranayam’, ‘Mudras’, ‘Asanas’, and their benefits to the skeletal and muscular system. The students gain knowledge of the different paths of yoga, origin of yoga, and Ashtanga yoga. In the second semester they learn about ‘Panch Kosha’, Hatha Yoga, and obstacles that come while imparting yogic lessons. This course is suitable for personal practice and for teaching a close knit group.

     (b)  200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course

People often wonder “what to expect in 200 hour yoga teacher training”. This 28 days course is aimed at learning yoga in a relaxed and traditional atmosphere. Students engage in lessons on deeper meaning of the Hatha yoga. The main focus is on body and mind meditation through chanting of mantras. It also focuses on the body alignment during back bend postures, standing postures, inverted postures, twisting postures, forward bending postures, and dynamic postures.

Checkout IYMS Rishikesh 200 Hour Hatha Yoga TTC.

     (c)  300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course

It an advanced course where after completion one can teach beginner, intermediate and advanced classes. In this course one learns about the ancient yoga as described in the texts of Upanishads, the Holy ‘Bhagvat Gita’, ‘Patanjali’ , ‘Yoga Sutras’, and ‘Hatha yoga Pradipika’. Students will also learn the benefits of ‘Marma points’ and Ayurveda in daily life.

     (d)  500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course

The ten weeks course focuses on excelling in the art and science of yoga, it is the final step to become an expert yoga mentor. One attains mastery in the philosophies of yoga and the essential benefits it has on human body. The level of expertise gained in the guidance of a yoga guru cannot be matched by any yoga studio which claims to know everything about this ancient art.


Benefits of Yoga Alliance Teacher Training in India



   1.  Global Accolades

Earning a certificate from the birth place of Yoga will give you global recognition as a yoga guru and allow you to access yogic teachings all over the world. The Yogis in India understand the meaning behind the mantras, they are not reciting some crammed lines. You expand your knowledge and wisdom about this ancient science and share its benefits with equally eager learners.

     2.  Alumni Status

After successful completion of yoga courses through the Yoga Alliance, one becomes an esteemed member of the Alumni. It inculcates a sense of pride and helps one build a positive yogic life for oneself as well the community.



Joining a yoga teacher training in India will not only provide you a great career opportunity. It will also help you understand ‘Yoga’, a career option that will stay with you forever. One should visit India, feel the true essence of yoga before choosing it as their career. One can end up being a supreme yogi and impart health to millions throughout the world.